What installs in under 45 minutes, with no cutting, no drilling, no brackets, no extra hardware, and gives you a verified flow of over 1200 CFM, and will work equally well in a stock Turbo Regal or a 9 second T-R?  It's the TinMan Cold Air Kit, of course! Click here for the full report...
On May 2, 2005, the TinMan pulls 10.935 in the quarter mile with a speed of 123.85 mph making Al 'TinMan' Tylkowski the fastest man in the world to date in a factory stock un-opened engine T-R equipped with a TA 49 'street turbo'. Police were present - no ticket was issued...  Read all about it!
Want to keep your car from twisting and turning all the way to the 'finish line'?  You gotta read this hot article in the GS X-TRA!
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TinMan gives you a new reason to drive your Grand National, 'T' type, Turbo 'T' and GNX!
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