We both love our Buicks!  We fell in love with the look, the feel, the sound and the power of our beloved Buicks!
That's why I began making custom parts for my Grand National, over 20 years ago.  I realized that with my engineering background, and my custom tweaking, I could get a lot better performance out of my GN.  
You and I have something in common...
"Unleash the power of your Turbo Buick V6 Beast! Get proven performance & quality with TinMan Performance Products!"
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TinMan Cold-Air kits now being supplied with K&N® brand High Performance  air filters!
I realized other Gn, 'T' type, Turbo 'T' and GNX owners would love to get that same boost in their machines as well, so I made my products available to all Buick lovers and started takin' it to the streets!
Check out our testimonial page, then check out our products.  Find out what the TinMan has in store for you!
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TinMan gives you a new reason to drive your Grand National, 'T' type, Turbo 'T' and GNX!
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